Marketing My YA Sci-Fi Post Apocalyptic Thriller

So here we are, and I’m marketing my YA yadda yadda, and that entails talking it up until the words all run together and my brain cells melt. Luckily I’ve been on a bit of a streak, and I can let some other folks take over for me:

It’s The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead!”
-Anime Reporter

Well then, that was a booster shot of panther adrenalin. I was ecstatic to read that line in a review of Transfixion this morning. So, the rest of this article will be about how to get nifty catchy blurbs like that for your own book-marketing pleasure.

Step One: Write a book that’s sort of like The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead.

I’m joking. But you’d better write a damn good book. Do you know how many books I’ve skimmed past these past couple of months? Do you have any idea of the tsunami that’s washed ashore on these cyber beaches? My God, no rational person would bother trying to get noticed in this climate. Luckily, there are no rational individuals on this side of the screen, so off to the next step…

COVER-FINAL-texture - Copy copy

Step Two: Create your website, and then follow everybody and anybody who might conceivably have the slightest possible inclination to like your book.

On WordPress you can search genres by keyword. Same on Tumblr. Same on Facebook. Already you’ll be a candidate for a rubber room, so I won’t mention all the rest. Because you’ll come across thousands and thousands of book reviewers, fans, geeks, nerds, competitors, publishers, agents, artists. Just follow them all and build up some numbers. Only a small percentage follow back.

Step Three: Hammer home the message on your homepage that book reviewers are welcome and that you’ll send them the tome for free if they just ask.

1962-jetsons-push-buttonNow you’re getting in the game. They will ask, perhaps 1%, give or take. If you want 100 reviewers you’d better contact 10,000. As George Jetson used to say, “My button-pushin’ finger is killing me.”

But once the book is edited and ready for public view some interesting curves and formulas may affect audience expectations. A single 5-star review suddenly doubles the response rate from 1% to 2% or even 3%. And a pithy quote like that Hunger Games/Walking Dead line is priceless. Now I’m getting hits in the 10% range today. I led with the quote, of course.

Step Four: Leverage every positive development to try and build momentum. Now that I have a few positive reviews and a gaggle of reviewers currently digesting the novel I can talk about it: like right here. But it is work, soul-stifling, tedious, repetitive work.

I really should have people for that. But in the real world, starting out, you’re the people. You’ll need to hone your skills, rewrite pitches endlessly, craft your website over and over. You can always substitute money for time and talent, but there are many tasks you’re going to have to grind out yourself.

Like this one: TRANSFIXION advance review copies are still available to book reviewers (like you?), but this special, special offer ends at exactly 12:01am on September 9th, 2014. For that is the moment the book goes live on Amazon. That is the moment of triumph, an end point and a beginning. It is then my literary empire rises from the ashes of obscurity.

Or something like that.

But really: be the first kid on your block to read it. It’s free. What do you have to lose?

Transfixion will keep you hooked from the very start.
-Lake’s Reads

As a reader, I found myself clutching at the book and worrying for her more than with her. It’s in interesting and unique experience, if a bit stressful!”
-Kimberly’s Book Spot

She has enough drive to keep you on her side and enough smarts to stop you looking down on her or her choices without Kaylee turning into some kind of action hero movie star.”
-Kibben’s Codex

J. Giambrone

Request an advance review copy right now.


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