So I’m writing an opera…


Actually it’s more of a musical mishmosh, but I’m calling it an opera. It’s about a writer who goes off the deep end, and so your preconceptions will be ground into a fine paste.

I know you’re not supposed to talk about works in progress. Allegedly that sucks the life out of them, but I haven’t so far. I’m on the last scene. It’s wrapping up.

The tension of the mad writer’s plight has infected me and distracted me from other projects (like novels!).

Some background is probably appropriate here.

My family is nuts.

For many years I’ve tried to lighten the mood by coming up with absurd takes on the various arguments and foibles. I’d often spewed new ideas for my opus, the “Grip” opera, about a modern man / father / writer person, whose family has stolen his grip on reality. It’s all very over the top and whimsical.

There are clowns. A lot of clowns. There’s a whole chorus of clowns dammit. That’s what I want to see. Me, me, me. Screw the rest of you.

Afraid of clowns?


I love ’em.

So Grip! The Opera, is almost complete, and I’m having much fun with it.

Has anyone else done musical theater?

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