The Key to Smartyness

It’s Scientology!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 10.05.30 AM

10 Ridiculously Stupid Tweets From Will Smith’s Scientology Educated Son



3 thoughts on “The Key to Smartyness

  1. I can cringe with empathy because I was young and marginally pretentious once. Fortunately there was no internet that I had access to, so my statements were either spoken or written down in a journal. On the statements about trees, I agree, trees are beautiful and they don’t hate anyone. Alan Watts, a noted Buddhist philosopher said that babies are born in a state of purity, but without the means to express it. Certainly the maxim that ‘even a stopped clock is right twice a day’ might apply but he’s probably no less deluded or pretentious than anyone of us. Still, it’s amusing.

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