White Bird in a Blizzard – My Review

White Bird in A Blizzard_poster

As Gregg Araki described it, this is in the niche of films like American Beauty and The Ice Storm that tackle America’s dysfunctional suburbia. There’s a seedy underbelly, which pushes the children to be apathetic and self-absorbed.

There’s not a lot new, but the film is done okay. Not great. A strong disconnect weakens the story. When the mom disappears Shailene Woodley doesn’t really care. Although this is the frame of the story, it doesn’t much matter to her for nearly the entire duration. She’s far more concerned about getting laid.


This detachment leaves the story lingering in the background, occasionally popping in dream sequences, but too distant to remain coherent. If she doesn’t care about the disappearance of her mother then why should we? As the story is constructed around this mystery of what happened to her, we should expect a little more motivation from the protagonist.

Her cold aloofness may appeal to some, but it turned me off. The crowds at Rotten Tomatoes are split right down the middle at 50%. Well, at least it’s better than Divergent.

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