Before I go to Sleep – My Review


This was obviously going to be Nicole Kidman’s Memento (2000). The two films have enough similarities that some degree of theft seems like a sure bet. This film was apparently based on a 2012 book.

Whereas Memento was a very masculine story, Before I go to Sleep is very feminine. That’s the main distinction between the two. That and the priceless twist that Christopher Nolan brought, the kind of quantum leap that is sorely missing in this very straightforward amnesia mystery.

I do give Nicole Kidman the benefit of the doubt though, and I’ve been a long time fan. She’s one of the top actresses in the world as far as I’m concerned, and she remains radiant.


She is beat up pretty badly though. The climax comes down to a mano a mujer slug fest. Not so creative or unexpected, they could have brainstormed a bit to liven that one up.

Memento set a pretty high bar, perhaps an impossibly high one. Moments from Sleep seem a bit Lifetime Channel. The Internet can be a savage place, and the film seems to have not done much business. Critics are mostly negative.

The chimp gallery has spoken.

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2 thoughts on “Before I go to Sleep – My Review

  1. What about “50 First Dates,” Adam Sandler’s/Drew Barrymore’s romantic comedy version of a woman with the same syndrome? And, there are others that aren’t so violent or sinister but I can’t remember the names of them, now.

    I guess people are fascinated by Alzheimer’s for the same reason and there are new movies about that almost every year (Julianne Moore just won the Golden Globe for her part in one of those).
    Baby Boomers: can’t live with ourselves, can’t remember squat. LOL
    Thanks for saving me the 2 hours. No need to watch this film, now!

    Best to you,


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