So I’m making my next short film…


Talk about distractions. Endless time and technical learning involved, and I haven’t even started filming yet. Plus, I’m not even going to try casting this time. I will play the lone character, a bit of a lone wolf character.

I purchased a used Canon EOS-M, which is now compatible with Magic Lantern, a rogue third-party program to hack into its brains. Only I expected it to be fairly reliable. It isn’t. Video shuts down after a few seconds with the high bit rate. More tests are necessary.

The RAW video function is royally screwed, as it leaves all sorts of dots in the image, and I’ve only been able to get 2.5 seconds out of it. Hard to shoot a narrative scene in two and a half seconds.

Net result is that image quality may not be as wonderful as I expected. I’ll still do it, but it will be my face up there, perhaps at festivals. I’ll cheat the lighting just enough.

Oh, you thought I was going to talk about the story?


Here’s my short film that won in a festival’s 1 minute category, back in 2011. It’s not high definition. When they played it, I think the playback frame rate was wrong. In other words, it seemed like they played it back 24 frames per second, but the film is 30p. The only way for that to work, without slowing down, is to throw away frames and not show them at all. That’s what it seemed like: tossing every 5th video frame away! It looked odd. Still won though, and it does look proper on Vimeo:

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