Texas set to execute yet another innocent man

Later On

When being innocent—not having done anything wrong—is insufficient, you know that our government is seriously out of whack. The earlier one was a man convicted of murdering his family by setting a fire, and experts pointed out the flaws in the forensic analysis that (wrongly) led to the conclusion the fire was arson. And, of course, think of all the death-row inmates exonerated by DNA evidence or finding that the prosecution simply lied.

Jordan Smith writes of the upcoming execution of another innocent:

Kevin Gannon, a retired detective sergeant with the New York Police Department, spent just 10 minutes looking at official documents related to the case of Rodney Reed — slated for execution in Texas on March 5 — before concluding that something was very, very wrong.

It was October 2014 and Gannon was working as part of a three-cop team featured on the A&E channel true-crime show Dead…

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