Dealing With Magical Teenage Thinking

Parenting Your Kid Through High School

I remember from several years ago, an unfortunate and disheartening situation with one of my former students. Despite his mother’s directives, and eventually her earnest pleas, despite my counsel, the intervention of other school officials, and county officials; despite many academic interventions, alternative schedules, an alternate building with an alternate teaching approach, wrap-around meetings, and other interventions lasting over a year, this student ended up dropping out of high school. In one of my last meetings with him I offered up the alternatives again and the opportunities they held. He looked at me and said, “Mr. Hendricks, I know that dropping out is not the way that people say I should go, but I believe that somehow, it’s just all gonna work out.”

“Somehow, it’s just all gonna work out.” Adolescence can be a dangerous place. Some teens more than others end up with a kind of serendipitous thinking…

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