Already wrote the damned thing once

i’m so avoiding doing any work on Demigods. I wrote the screenplay in 2010, and it already exists. Novelizing the damned thing sets me back at square 1.5. The script has become more of an outline, and it’s in the wrong tense. I’ve fretted over point of view, the jumping multi-character storylines, and I just can’t get inspired. It’s all grunt work.

I love the story. But I can’t bring myself to transform it. Life has intruded, and my mojo has fled in the night.

Of course I’m forging ahead with my short film instead. Back online after yet another Bill Gates meltdown. I’m up to Windows 8.1 now, which has already crashed, in under two days. It crapped out installing its own “.Net” so-called “framework.” Rickety scaffolding.

But I’m feeling good about the film project. I’ve got an arc, wardrobe and grooming transformations, special effects and a guerrilla approach to stealing locations. Oh yes. It’s gonna happen.

But when Windows died I lost the script!

I’m currently rewriting it from memory, but I’ve lost a key section. It’s in Latin, and I need to come up with a replacement. Other than that, I’m charging headlong with camera, lens and exposure tests.

Prior to that it was blogging and non-fiction articles on Ukraine and world events. Anything but Demigods. Who’s the patron saint of writers who are down in the dumps?

Probably Hunter S. Thompson.

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