Interstellar – My Review


They should have blasted the music director out of the airlock… for the betterment of humanity.

Yes, I knew I was going to dislike this movie from the very first schmaltzy trailer.

Schmaltz – music, art, etc., that is very sad or romantic in usually a foolish or exaggerated way”

From the Yiddish for “rendered fat.”

When the trailer struck me as the epitome of “schmaltz” and the most annoying pitch for a movie I think I had ever seen, I decided I would ignore this Christopher Nolan payday. That was a year ago, and so the disdain had worn off by the time it arrived at the second-run theater today.

Matthew McConaughey

Definitely avoid a theatrical showing if you value your hearing. The instruments in the midrange, whining keyboards mostly, had me plugging my ears, literally, about six times. The idea was to sledgehammer the audience into submission or at least deafen them. Even a quiet deathbed scene was made unintelligible because the background music instead became the foreground noise over the actors’ voices.

That said, it’s not all bad, but be prepared for some major suspension of disbelief. I mean don’t even think about sorting out science from fantasy. It’s more in the latter category. Hey, a “wormhole” solves everything, and let’s send the guy into every unlikely anomaly we can think of.


Yes I’m still rather down on Interstellar. Perhaps “Not So Stellar” is the appropriate headline. I thought I’d give it a shot, but I’m repulsed by clunky Hollywood approaches to sci-fi. I just am. How much suppression of the desire to roll one’s eyes should the audience be forced to endure?

But that’s me. Your interstellar mileage may vary.

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