Orphan Black


Have you guys seen this? I’m addicted to it now. I’ve been addicted to True Blood, Walking Dead, Weeds, The L Word, The Tudors, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon Five, and a few others. I’m also obsessing over finding new stand-up comedy clips. The Internet is drying up.

Orphan Black is the perfect premise for an ongoing sci-fi / thriller show. A clone experiment comes to maturation, and the clones find themselves involved in something bigger than any of them can figure. Evil corporation, religious fundamentalist Luddites, and Tatiana Maslany who plays like 10 different characters.


She’s amazing, as she’s in every scene and often playing two or more of the people in the scene. Each clone character has her own unique quirks, accents, mannerisms, body movements. So it’s the Tatiana show, with comic relief from her flaming gay brother, Felix.

The main clone, Sarah, a grifter lowlife criminal, is the only one who has managed to produce a child, the others being sterile. So the Dyad Corporation wants to snatch the mother and child, and is prepared to go to any mercenary lengths to own them. Sarah spends much of her time trying in vain to protect her daughter from the massive conspiracy that’s infiltrated every aspect of her life.

Other clone characters come in with their own stories, which is why it’s such a perfect concept. They are all Tatiana, but their stories, goals, aspirations and predicaments differ. All sorts of cloning issues pop up, and the twists keep it interesting.

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3 thoughts on “Orphan Black

  1. hello j giambrone its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes dada luvs this show he agrees with entertainment weekly that tatiana maslany is the best speshul effekt on televizhun!!! i no he is impayshently wayting for the nekst seezun to start!!! ok bye

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