Lost my damned glasses


I’m so pissed. Yesterday I brought my computer glasses out to the Sacramento River, to film a clip for my short film Exulto. I wanted a nerdy appearance for the opening shots.

This was my second trip to the river, as the first try had blown the focus. A travesty. It was all unusable. So this time I obsessed over the details, every department, sound, camera, wardrobe, props, makeup—every one being me. There is an incredible number of details you have to keep in mind just to stay in the ballpark.

In this case I had set up the shot, sorta, and gathered my personal items. I hung my glasses on my shirt, below my neck. Then I remembered that I needed to move sticks around and make a wood pile in the shot. The river bank has evil spiked blackberry vines that poke holes into your flesh. So I was distracted as I constructed the stick pile.

Some time later I noticed my glasses were missing.

I looked everywhere, at least 4 times. I overturned every stick in the entire area, and yet no sign of any glasses.

I did manage to get 40+ takes of the short scene, which was good because there was so much variance with framing and lighting. At one point a boat with two fishermen pulled into view. Then two other guys started throwing rocks around at the water for no reason at all. I still haven’t listened to the sound quality.

Eventually I plowed the river bank with a big stick, knocking driftwood around like a machine. I went over and over the places the glasses could possibly be, but no sign whatsoever. It’s like they were stolen by river spirits.

The shot was at sunset, so the darkness eventually drove me away. Now I have to return with gloves and keep digging. What a mess.

I’ll start getting a headache soon if I can’t get a timely replacement. I wear them to relieve eye strain.

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