Maps to the Stars – My … Review?


I’m a bit baffled tonight. It’s Cronenberg, and not everything is as it seems. That’s what my guts are telling me. It’s a haunting film, not exactly the most enjoyable, nor the funniest, nor the most gripping, but it exists in that oddball left field that seems sorta familiar, but then again the choices made are sources of cognitive dissonance.

I do love the actors involved, and the scenes had tension to spare. I’m not sure what genre to consider this though. Is it bleak drama or black comedy? The ghosts threw monkey wrenches too. It did remind me of the tonal shifts problem, such as in Horns

There seems to be a sniper scope leveled at Hollywood and the vapid actors and other clingers-on. The title Maps to the Stars may be more of an allusion to the celestial variety and fate, myth, Greek tragedy.

I’ll probably be rethinking the film for some time.


I feel like I should have a better grip on this film. Check the poster:


Now check this:


I know, right?

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