A difference of a few percent


If your fat ass has been avoiding the treadmill, the stair-stepper and the bicycle, then dig this. My father just underwent another heart surgery. His heart was operating at 25% capacity. His extremities filled with fluids, even his lungs. He was at death’s door.

His feet had swelled up like balloons and had been that way for a couple of years. He was unable to walk, and on several calls he was so incoherent that he didn’t even want to attempt to talk.

With the new operation to open up a heart valve of some sort, the doctors have claimed victory. They brought his heart up to 35%. The open heart surgery option was out of the question, but this bit of patching-up seems to have boosted his flow just enough.

His swelling has disappeared. He can walk again. He’s alert and happy for the first time in many months. The result sounded minimal to me at first, a ten percent boost in blood flow. But to him it’s the difference between life and death.

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