These Final Hours – My review


There’s something about foreign films these days that usually just feels more authentic than what Hollywood throws up. This Aussie import surprises with its rawness, yet delivers an emotional wallop.


The end of the world genre has a few very good offerings. And this is one of them. I’m thinking of films like Last Night, Miracle Mile, On the Beach, and Melancholia. This is a sub-genre with a definite structure, as it ends with the apocalypse.

Here we have a mission to return a lost girl to her father. The main character, Jimmy, is a mess, but when confronted with these one-time-only choices he quickly sorts out his priorities.


The film is shot very stylized, and the heat of the sun is almost another character, overbearing, lingering, ready to fry the planet and everyone on board.

The little girl was pretty good too. The actors were appropriate and hit their marks. I liked this film, better than Melancholia for sure, better than a bunch of the lesser contenders.

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