Cake – My Review


Chick flick aficionados will undoubtedly notice the new Jennifer Aniston drama at the Red Box. The short version is pain, and more pain, and not much relief.

The trailer emphasizes some dark humor, but little actually shows up on screen. It could have used a more comedic take, but they went for straight suffering for the most part. Aniston is very deadpan and brooding, with several flashes of rawness that put it over the top at a few festivals.


Unfortunately, to me anyway, the true life story that inspired the script seems more interesting than what they eventually came up with. By going for a purely fictionalized treatment with the ghost device and a relatively thin main character, the story ended up in that middle of the pack limbo. I wasn’t sure I would review it at all, as it may end up being forgettable by next week.

Now there is a demographic of chronic pain sufferers that this may appeal to. I’m in it, by the way, not as bad as most, but still. I saw what they were going for, and I appreciate the effort more so than the film.


I wanted to mention Rabbit Hole, which has some similar elements. The difference is that Rabbit Hole did it so much better, more interesting, with more depth to the characters. The two films are like night and day.

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