Creativity and the Subconscious


This isn’t the slightest bit surprising … to me. Nor to many who’ve looked at creativity over the years. But, brain scientists…

Unexpected brain structures tied to creativity, and to stifling it

The cerebellum then takes over and, in an iterative and subconscious manner, perfects the behavior, relieving the cortical areas of that burden and freeing them up for new challenges …”As our study also shows, sometimes a deliberate attempt to be creative may not be the best way to optimize your creativity,” he said. “While greater effort to produce creative outcomes involves more activity of executive-control regions, you actually may have to reduce activity in those regions in order to achieve creative outcomes.”

Einstein said:

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”

John Cleese said:


Cleese’s “space” leads directly to Pixar’s secret Speakeasy Room.

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