Chappie – My Review


Sci-fi geeks will be considering Chappie this week on DVD. The answer is yes.

Neil Blomkamp has a definite style, and it’s kinetic, snarky, streetwise, funny and full of questions about technology and the future of humanity. He’s not above ripping off other films, and Chappie begins sort of exactly like Robocop—the original. Complete with its own ED-209, this film created Robocop better than the recent reboot did.


But then it threw in the big monkey wrench, and so I appreciated the turnabout. Other films that may have influenced it include Johnny Depp’s Transcendence, Scarlett Johansson’s Transcendence, and now we have Die Antwoord’s Transcendence. It’s the age of AI, robots and ultra-violence. A new version of the “singularity” seems to emerge every couple of weeks, which isn’t at all a bad thing.


I liked Chappie. He’s a naive gangsta with a titanium shell. The over-the-top action / crime story was entertaining on its own terms. It had more heart than I expected and more laughs. Not sure what audiences demand these days, but Blomkamp is still on my A-list. I’m eagerly awaiting District 10.

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