Wild Tales – My Review


Wow, just wow. This surprise Latin American import is probably the wildest, funniest black comedy I’ve seen in a bunch of years.

The film is a collection of oddball short stories, each of which has a couple of jaw dropping twists. The plotting is tense and full of doubling down. From an aircraft ride you don’t want to take to a gala wedding that makes the prom scene in Carrie look tepid, you never know where this thing is headed next.

Highly recommended.


A note on my super short movie reviews: All you really need are a couple of arguments on whether to see or to avoid the damned thing. What the hell else is a review supposed to accomplish? If it takes just as long to read about it as to just watch the frigging film, I’d say you’re being quite a bit self-indulgent with your analysis.

That said, the greatest movie review of all time is serial killer Buffalo Bill’s take down of Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace, which runs almost as long as the actual movie. If anyone ever asks you to name the greatest movie review in the history of the world, then simply point them there.

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