Video Won at BMC Spotfest

“The Real Reason You Should Recycle” by Joe Giambrone


Finally good news!

My one-minute PSA is going to get a prize of some sort!  Whatever it is hasn’t been decided yet.

Much thanks to my wonderful zombies, who brought the various moods and endured the quite wacky video shoot. Plus Bobette, who wrangled all the actors. Without her there wouldn’t have been a video at all.

I am definitely empowered to enter into the one-minute category at the Sundial Festival next March. I’d like to see it on a big screen.

As for reality, my computer is mangled beyond recognition. Windows keeps screwing up the hard drives I buy. It’s as if Microsoft is an alien conspiracy designed to destroy civilization so that the aliens can sneak in while we’re all devastated and distracted.

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