Repeat Viewing


Why do we do it?

Is a movie like an old friend that never changes, never leaves, never grows apart, never lets us down? has uploaded a bunch of new films, but all the titles I might consider watching are films I’ve seen multiple times already.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas tops the list, and I’ve experienced it at least five times. Add Jack in the Box commercials, and I’m reconsidering.


But why do we watch again and again? Is it to learn something? Maybe.

Is it to laugh? Maybe.

Is it to forget life and be a lazy shit for a while? Probably.

After the fifth viewing, it’s gotta come up that there is limited duration to life, and watching the same movies over and over is likely counterproductive. It’s not writing.


But there’s an added dimension. Like I said, all the films that I might click on are ones I’ve already seen. I cannot be bothered with the rest of the litter box.

You might need to see them for the first time:

Fear and Loathing: 5 times
The Rum Diary: 1
Underworld: 4
Underworld 2: 2
Shaun of the Dead: 3
The Fifth Element: 3
District 9: 3
Vantage Point: 1
Lockout: 1
Meet the Fockers: 2

I also noticed an entire Steven Seagal film library posted there, and that would be pain beyond my endurance capacity to even suffer through the opening scenes. The horror.


Apocalypse Now: 4

Avoid the bloated re-release Director’s cut.



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