I know I said I’d be writing up DEMIGODS this summer, but I never got past the first chapter. I delved into some research on dark matter and quantum physics–you know Superhero mumbo jumbo. But the screenplay exists, and it’s not a novel. Novelizing from a pre-existing work is tedious and soul stifling.

I just didn’t do it.

Instead I watched about a thousand stand-up comedy routines on Youtube and Hulu. Now I’m writing a story about stand-up comics. No joke. Don’t laugh.

Don’t you dare!

I also have that lingering drive to write the screenplay for TRANSFIXION. I want the movie. I won’t be happy until the movie hits the big screen. Kaylee Colton needs to live #kayleecolton!

I’m quite laciviously deep into stand-up comedy right now, and the crazed self-destructive clowns who belch it out, but after that who knows?

monkey-tablet (1)

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