Avengers II: Age of Rehash – My Review

avengers (1)

I hesitate to call this film an “action” movie, when it is really more of a glorified video game. If physics is thrown out the window, and anything can happen, then nothing really matters. It’s all just visual noise.

In that regard I’d have to give the Action Movie Oscar this year to George Miller for Mad Max: Fury Road, and for lifting action to the next evolutionary level. By retaining a sense of earth’s gravity and the reality of force = mass x acceleration, Miller has bulldozed right over the CGI dweebs and set the standard.


The Avengers have run their course, and are now reduced to self-parody and large paychecks for merely showing up. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s mildly sarcastic, it’s so over the top you can no longer see the top, it’s 95% done in computers. So it’s disappointing, to say the least.

Throw in yet another tacked-on singularity story, and you now know exactly what to expect.

Tony Stark playing with the fate of the earth for fun: hey sometimes it goes bad, sometimes it goes well. Either way, there will be eye-rolling one-liners. It was such a barrage of bullshit and flashing stroboscopic imagery that I’m not sure whether to feel insulted as an audience member. Is throwing in everything and the kitchen sink the formula for better cinema these days?

No. It isn’t, Joss.

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