Trainwreck – My Review


Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck was far more down to earth and realistic than I thought it would be. It was also more of a chick flick than expected. Lots of emotional girl moments, some bordering on Lifetime Channel, plus a lot of filthy sex jokes.

That’s the formula Schumer opted for: the standard Hollywood rom-com template with as many dick and vag jokes as she could reasonably stuff in there (no pun intended!).


Some of the scenarios were pulled straight from her stand-up act, and re-enacted. She wasn’t the “Trainwreck” the title suggested either, for most of the film. Not nearly as bad as she could have been. Perhaps vanity prevented the barfing, slobbering reality of actual train wrecks. She kept just short of the limit, leaving the gag out there without it becoming downright depressing.

My theater was almost packed, second run, $2.40, the way we like it. And when it was all over the people’s spirits were indeed lifted. Still laughing, they dug Amy.

The film packed in enough laughs that I will have to recommend it. Leave the kids at home though (bad rednecks, bad!), and probably grandma too.

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