What do you people want!?

Each blog post is pretty much a mystery and a craps shoot. I post some amazing things here only to have them completely ignored.

Here’s a breakdown of the top posts of all time:


#1 – The Homepage (Yay!)

Now if you’d only buy the book…

#2 – Free Contest Love and Romance ($2000)

Look I can’t pull two thousand dollar contests out of my butt. That’s long expired, by the way. I post other contests too, like this one for novels just the other day.

#3 – Writing the Book Jacket Blurb

That’s a fun one, and real.

#4 – Only Lovers Left Alive – My Review

Yeah it’s a unique film. But I gotta say I liked A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night even better, and that page is nowhere near the top rankings.

#5 – Rapist Attacked Female Kickboxer

Kick his ass!


#6 – Cuban Fury! – My Review

More comedy, more salsa dancing. There’s a salsa class in my town each Friday night (tonight!). Should I go? I’ve never taken a dance class in my life.

#7 – FBI’s 1800 Pages on Author James Baldwin

I wasn’t going to get political here, as I have other venues for that. But, this is the kind of thing I have studied for decades.

#8 – PODCAST: Sci Fi World Building

I should probably post more like this one.


#9 – Mad Max Fury Road – My Review

It IS a lovely day.

#10 – Reviews (Transfixion)

I promote this link, because the sparkly feedback from readers helps maintain my mental health.

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2 thoughts on “What do you people want!?

  1. This is something I believe many bloggers deal with. All those posts you have loved, agonized over, sweat blood and tears to share, barely make a blip on the stats page while something you just threw together at the last moment goes through the roof, becoming your best post ever according to WP. It’s enough to drive a person crazy.
    I gave up trying to understand it myself, even for those times when thinking no one noticed hurt the most. Just write from your heart is all I can advise and try not to take it personally… (I know easier said than done, right?)

  2. Also the weirdest glitches will show up. Suddenly there’s a thousand hits on Tumblr, that didn’t register here. Or Twitter, Facebook, Readwave.

    And I just stumble upon it, and can’t understand it. No one on WordPress clicked at all. But on Tumblr they can’t get enough?

    Very odd.

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