J.K. Rowling’s Stance Against Palestine


Rowling has come out against any boycotts aimed at Israel, for its genocidal ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

J. K. Rowling and the Prisoners of Israel

Surely the Culture of Co-Existence Clan is missing something? Could they not find a single House Arab to sign on with them? Or did they decide that wasn’t even necessary?

Who exactly are they planning on co-existing with?

…Considering that Ms Rowling’s trade is in language it is deeply surprising to see her name attached to such a letter.

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5 thoughts on “J.K. Rowling’s Stance Against Palestine

    • I don’t like bringing in terms like that.

      She is more probably deluded by half a century’s propaganda and demonization of Palestinians, who apparently do not have the same “right to exist” as Israelis like to claim for themselves–on stolen land.

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