Vamps – My Review


I could belabor the specifics of why you should avoid this piece of shit, but honestly, it’s not worth it.

It has that arrogant, cynical Hollywood mindset that nothing has to make sense: continuity, mythology, factoids, any particulars at all. Nothing is taken seriously enough to care about. So it’s directed at stupid people, seemingly by stupid people. Of, by, and for. If that’s you, then by all means.


I noticed that it fit the pattern of some of those post-SNL star vehicles (which invariably crash and burn). Lo and behold, the writer/director Amy Heckerling was also responsible for A Night at the Roxbury.

She also directed Clueless, and there’s the tie to Alicia Silverstone. Plus Fast Times at Ridgemont High back in the day. Decent comedies, but Vamps just grates, annoys, and should inspire cringes rather than laughs. The only reason I sat through it all was to trash it here.

The Kiwi vamp comedy What We Do in the Shadows actually managed to pull off the concept without insulting anyone over the age of ten. It wasn’t cinematic magic, mind you, but it was worlds above this. Vamps just reinforces my loathing of the vapidity of Hollywood.

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