Before we all go up in flames


‘Why down Russian jet? Because fighting ISIS is not really on Turkey’s agenda’


Turkey has aided and abetted ISIS and Al Nusrah Front (Al Qaeda in Syria) for four years. So has Saudi Arabia and so has Qatar, and so has France, and so has the UK, and so has the CIA.

Nothing the Obama administration has said in seven years has been true, particularly about foreign policy.  Now the life and death of the entire planet hangs in the balance. When the Russian pilot was murdered by ISIS fighters this morning (one survived), after Turkey shot them out of the sky, Putin accused Erdogan of being an “associate” of the terrorists. Which is true, of course.  It’s been true for years, but diplomacy has overlooked the reality–so far.

This criminal proxy war is spiraling out of control fast. America needs to wake up just as quickly.


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