I think I just…

finished college.

That and 4 bucks might get you a coffee.

Where my bachelor’s, biatches?

It was a good day, too. I gave my Chiropractor a present. He’s been grumpy, and so he wasn’t expecting a six-pack. We split the first one, the first alcohol I’ve had since Halloween. i’m off alcohol. My chiro’s a good guy, and we’re all in that aging, tossed by the wayside, bachelor’s club — see what I did there?

Now I have all this open road. Must finish Wrecking Balls. I pitched it to a few people this morning, and they seemed to like it. It’s got comedy coursing through its binding. I’m ready to write that next bit. Shit will fly.

So, who the hell reads blog posts anyway?

Is this thing on?






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