Sicario – My Review


Sicario: “Hitman”

Some films play with you on many levels, but is the engagement warranted and deserved?

With Roger Deakins shooting Sicario, it is a cinematographer’s paradise. Deakins is brilliant at what he does, and no sane person could dispute that.

The film also touches the drug war with a novel approach, a modern approach to what it has become. So I’ve been ambivalent about what I saw, enough to go hunt down the negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to see what the gripers were upset about.

I felt a hollow, grey malaise fall over the story in the middle. On the other hand the ending is pretty good.

What bothered me specifically were the melodramatic responses of Kate, the faux outrage about minor issues. It was as if she was just supposed to find nitpicky things to make a stink out of, when the larger issues were on a much higher plane. I couldn’t shake the feeling of being misled (poorly) throughout the film’s middle.




What should have induced eye-rolling, however, was the massive centerpiece: 50 cars, hundreds of cops, through two countries, to basically transport one guy across the border. They could have stuck him in a helicopter and been done with it in five minutes. There were actually several helicopters accompanying the caravan at early points, but they made them disappear before the audience figured out what I just told you above.

I should talk about the ending. But I won’t. I’m good that way. If you see the film holla back, and I think there are some points to be made about those final decisions.


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