The Hateful Eight – My Review


On a gloomy winter’s day… my final assessment is that it’s more tragic than magic. The worldview is dark and depressing. Human nature remains universally hideous, with no one to really root for.


I wanted to like this film, a modern reinvention of the Spaghetti Western, but while Sergio Leone toyed with darkness and light, he kept us on the side of the good. I don’t believe Tarantino thinks there is such a thing as goodness. He seems depressed, frustrated and nihilistic right down to his bones. To him it’s just a game, and he is the malevolent dungeon master.


I’ve often wondered this about Tarantino. His view of people skews ugly. Torture, murder, vengeance, these are the preoccupations of psychopaths. His characters strike me as mostly psychopathic. Even the less horrid ones include similar moral degradation, substituting codes and rules for true morality.

Maybe I’m reading more into it than was warranted. Maybe not enough…

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