Some clown posted one of my pieces without permission. No attribution at the top, so it looks like it came from him. He also altered it, all without my knowledge.

I confront him, and it’s like I’m out of order for calling attention to the theft of my own IP.

Fucking Facebook and this culture. People today are rude beyond belief, deliberately avoiding asking permission because they don’t think they have to.

I’m not sure if this guy’s in the same jurisdiction either. He has a foreign name, but it’s pretty god damned arrogant to just go around stealing other people’s film articles for your film site.

Back in the day that sort of thing might have led to a knuckle sandwich.


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One thought on “Plagiarized

  1. hello jgiambrone its dennis the vizsla dog hay this has happend to sum of my other frends too i dont no why peepul theez days think they can just tayk an entire post and kopy the hole thing insted of riting there own stuf i gess they ar just lazy and entitled!!! sort of like my layt sister trouble the kitty!!! ok bye

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