The Revenant – My Review



A surprise mob this afternoon to catch a story of old-time survival. On one level this is a tale of attempted murder: director Alejandro González Iñárritu trying like hell to kill actor Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is sent into frigid water six times long enough to snuff him out if this was Titanic, but the guy just refuses to die.

I had to take a peek at all the “Rotten” reviews over at the Tomato site. Those are always an amusing counterpoint, and sometimes damned insightful.

The Revenant becomes drudgery halfway through, and repetitive. It lacks that octane boost and instead slips into basic realism, a procedural, with jammed-in flashbacks and artsy emotional sign posts, which also become repetitive. So it’s a long tale, and in the end a simple revenge story. The length then isn’t justified by the complexity of the narrative.


I’m not a fan of revenge plots, as I’ve mentioned previously. They need to be damned good, like The Count of Monte Cristo, for instance. This story tries so hard to achieve greatness, but there is always a nagging feeling from the back of the theater that it’s just a bit too simplistic.

So why do it?



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