10 things that red-flag a newbie novelist



Obvious stuff, but a good collection of peeves…


And a bonus two-fer:

21 Self-Editing Secrets


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3 thoughts on “10 things that red-flag a newbie novelist

  1. I feel like number ten is the only one I have real problems with, but that’s why I go through my manuscript like four or five times. So. Many. Cuts! Number five is an interesting one to bring up, because as authors, we sometimes have problems knowing what’s necessary and what really isn’t. It all feels necessary! I wouldn’t have written it otherwise. But…well, this goes back to me cutting out as much as I can.

  2. Number ten?

    Redundancies–I used to say things twice, two times, repeatedly, more than necessary, beating a dead horse, belaboring the point, reiterating, reproducing, over-describing, hammering those nails home…

  3. Must say, those 21 editing tips are pretty on point. I’ll need to have that open when I go through my fourth draft of this book. Still working on content mostly, but by then, I’ll REALLY need to worry about trimming the bullshit. Grammar too.

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