Top 20 Stand-Up Comedians!


actual plane

On my return flight this Christmas I got into a conversation with a woman seated next to me. Told her about Wrecking Balls, and my other books/films. She asked me who my favorite comedians were, and my mind suddenly blanked.

Top of the list was Whitney Cummings, who’s top notch.

But then suddenly I couldn’t figure out the name of that other crazy genius comedienne who kills me. I struggled and flopped. Now I know that it was Iliza Schlesinger, of course. That’s two, so I’m halfway to a list!

(Don’t get all mathy on me. This is comedy.)


The 20 Greatest Funny Humans

  1. Bill Hicks

  2. Whitney Cummings

  3. George Carlin

  4. Sam Kinison

  5. Gabriel Iglesias

  6. Pablo Francisco

  7. Iliza Schlesinger

  8. Amy Schumer

  9. Steven Wright

  10. Chelsea Handler

  11. Eddie Murphy

  12. Dave Chapelle

  13. Bill Burr

  14. Dave Attell

  15. Margaret Cho

  16. Artie Lange

  17. Judy Tenuta

  18. Robin Williams

  19. Reggie Watts

  20. Kevin Hart












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