Me & Earl & the Dying Girl – My Review

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


I wasn’t hooked by the title, and I may not have watched it if not for some other positive reviews I’d glanced past.

It’s a clunky title. Beginning with “Me and...” is a risky maneuver to be sure. Then Earl is glaringly chosen because it rhymes with girl. Those are two strikes. But the girl is “dying” and so that cancels out one of the strikes, but not really because I usually want the girl to not die, so toss another half strike in the negative column. Is this algebra tedious?

Onto the film. The kid is such a frustrating, apathetic, intellectual nothing. And so typical of youth these days. It stabs at my guts how much I revile this lost generation, and yet they are the future, with some potential for growth. At least we must cling to that myth of human potential, in the face of contrary evidence.



I really liked the actress playing the dying girl, Olivia Cooke. She’s not in the film enough, but when she is it’s a welcome relief (from the plight of doofus). Particularly the ending, which is emotional. The film received a number of awards, and is a Young Adult kind of thing in the vein of Fault in Our Stars, and so it should be on your radar, you.

Unless it’s the other you. I don’t know who you people are.


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