Radically Different Cinema – Part 9


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This series represents the greatest films of all time as determined by me. A number of titles haven’t been mentioned yet, and so let’s go.


Hitchcock scared the crap out of everyone by creating what is potentially the first modern horror film. Shock is guaranteed when–I guess it’s a bit late in the game for a spoiler alert now–the main character is butchered to death in a shower, leaving the narrative floating in some bloody swirling drain of confusion. What happens when you murder your main character in the first 20 minutes?


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

This is the best western in all of history. Shoot anyone who disagrees. Watch it every year. Demand that theaters bring it back. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and the idjits whom you should unfollow post haste.

Robin HardyÕs THE WICKER MAN (1973). Courtesy: Rialto Pictures/ Studiocanal

The Wicker Man

Please only watch the original. Two words: Nick Cage. Need I say more?

The Wicker Man is as shocking and unnerving as Psycho. It has “The Lottery” feel to it, as it crawls inside of religion, of insular societies, and it challenges our western preconceptions.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers

I much prefer the Donald Sutherland version (1978). Such a creep show, the menace is everywhere. You cannot go to sleep, and yet humans must sleep.



Werner Herzog is odd, even by German standards. This insane narrative comes at questions of imperial expansion, native resistance and the absurdity of human progress in a left-field sort of twist.


Aguirre, the Wrath of God

My favorite Herzog film, this is masterful. A bit of a maniac, he sends his crews into the depths of wild jungles, and the realism pays off. Here we have such hilarious delusion on display as Spanish Conquistadors divide up the Amazon into their personal little kingdoms. The results are simply stunning.


A Boy and His Dog

Not a kid’s film as the title might imply. This is one of the original wasteland, post nuclear apocalypse worlds. The surface is out of Mad Max, full of rape, starvation and murder. Plus a boy and his dog, a mutt that speaks to him. Below the surface however, we find the last remains of the old western civilization. Which world is better?

(The official trailer misnames Tuco!!!)

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