Film Fest



So I got the medal.

And, as you probably should expect, I scouted locations on my way home…



I want to use this bridge for a long walking scene in that upcoming web series I keep hinting about. There’s lots of light, although not as much as this still suggests. In between the big glowy things I’ll need to supplement some light on the actors’ faces. I could use faster lenses.

Good news with Redding is that after 10pm it’s a ghost town, and very few cars or people anywhere to be seen.

I showed two films tonight. Both looked and sounded good. The people clapped, but they clap for everything. Several filmmakers approached me afterward about Exulto. It was certainly not the usual or expected. The audience was tense and silent through most of the film. A couple of laughs where I wanted them, but mostly a nail-biting unease. Good.


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