Wrecking Balls Cover (Latest)

WRECKINGBALLS-15 -sm-pop copy


You can follow the evolution of the idea. I do like the brick wall as it is the classic stand-up comedy trope, plus it gives the wrecking balls something to smash into. It’s a darker feel now with vignettes on the top and bottom.

I’ve been a busy boy. New e-book plus a new website to promote…


This will be my general catch-all site. Yesterday I had it looking pretty much the way it does now, but I flew too close to the sun. I tried to remove the date code from posts, so it would look cleaner. It froze and then exploded the entire website. No backup. I had to redo everything. And I still haven’t figured out how to get rid of the annoying date stamp.

My new e-book is free and thirty pages of intense study of metaphor and allegory. I’m not sure why you people aren’t gobbling it up.



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