Sci-Fi Prompt of the Week (49): Evolution in Your Body

“43 percent of Americans do not believe in evolution but instead believe human beings were created in their current form at some point within the last 10,000 years.”


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2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Prompt of the Week (49): Evolution in Your Body

  1. Excellent video, but it won’t convince the creationists. I met one once, in England, where they are much rarer(!), He explained to me that God had put the dinosaur fossils in the ground to confuse mankind, and even more bizarre was his belief that the coal in the ground was being created “as we speak”.
    Anyway, evolution is a scientific theory. It’s quite a good one, and it’s based on some evidence. One doesn’t have to “believe” in it. It is enough to see it as a much better theory than creationism. I had a biology teacher who was a “neodarwinist”. which is almost as bad as being a creationist. I once mentioned the word “Lamark” and he went apoplectic. I was scared!

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