Brooklyn – My Review



Me dear mother highly recommended this film, as it reflects her own experiences coming to America. This romantic drama is a sure hit with the ladies. Four young girls who sat behind me were in love with heartthrob/Italian plumber Tony. Score one for Italy.


Of course I love Saoirse Ronan, and she’s delivered a multi-layered, nuanced performance. It’s a great time for female-powered period pieces with CarolSuffragette, and The Witch now out as well.


I’d mention half a dozen similarities of Brooklyn’s Ellis Lacey to my own ma’s plight, but the main one relevant to myself is her marrying a working-class Italiano from New York City, Brooklyn I believe. Fill in the blanks from there, and enjoy Brooklyn, a slow-paced, very common story of immigration, assimilation, and homesickness.





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3 thoughts on “Brooklyn – My Review

  1. Finally watched this during our Spring Break from school and my daughters and my mom all fell in love with Tony. We couldn’t convince my husband or my dad to watch the film, but my youngest, a boy, age 13, did watch half of it. I really liked this simple film-was Long Island really devoid of houses in the 1950s? That sort of blew my mind.

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