Queen of Earth – My Review



One and a half good scenes.

In the behind-the-scenes video it began to dawn on me why this film didn’t click. It didn’t seem to have a plot. I always want to see psychological stories, tales of extremes. I sometimes write them myself. But, I think the main shortcoming of Queen of Earth was that they didn’t take it seriously enough.

I would have to contrast another film I just reviewed, Victoria, a product of exact German engineering standards. Victoria, in one shot, is choreographed, meticulous, precise and above-all: deliberate.


The lackadaisical American crew behind Queen of Earth was diametrically opposite. Nothing was precise, intentional, purposed to use visual language, except for a couple of instances. The director didn’t seem to have arrived on set with clue; he hadn’t prepared, and didn’t even seem to know how to. Overall this movie lacked a strong foundation, and it came off as slapdash, thrown together: a student project.


The two actresses were incredibly serious, disturbing and disturbed. So the concept had a lot going for it, but in the end it failed to deliver on the possibilities. The script even had a few great lines. That one scene I credited above was outstanding. If only they’d brought that level of intensity and planning to the rest of the movie.


To get what I mean by “visual language” see this analysis of the cinematography in the movie “Her.”



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