She’s Funny That Way – My Review



Flying under the radar, this farce / sex comedy is the funniest movie I’ve seen this year, maybe for a couple of years.

Such a great cast and script, I was laughing through many of the scenes. Imogen Poots is a goddess and one would never suspect, given that thick Brooklyn accent: British.


Owen Wilson is in his element. There’s something about Owen that is always grounded, even in absurd situations. He has a depressed undertone, with a darkness he has to overcompensate for. That worked perfectly.

Let’s not forget Jennifer Aniston, the most psycho shrink outside of the horror genre. It’s an ensemble effort, with surprises coming from any direction.


The project, from Peter Bogdanovich, is very old Hollywood. It could have been made twenty years ago, perhaps more. It has a solid spine. The farcical, mixed-up world of Broadway actors and directors has gotten a lot of attention recently, given Birdman, and that’s a good thing.


I highly recommend this one, a comedy for grownups.




I believe it’s my favorite farce since Carnage.




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