100 Word Story Group, Facebook



Hi people,

I created a closed group for 100-word stories. Today we finally got around to posting some. You can join too…

100 Word Stories

The first topic was: first kiss. Here’s mine.

First Kiss in 100 Words

All-male high school sucks. I finally got out as a senior. Catholic with crap academic standards, but pretty girls who were out of my league.

Prom approached. A thin, dark-haired, quiet girl asked me.

I said, “Okay.” But she didn’t want to hook up. Odd.

A heavier lass also asked, and she did want to hook up.

After the ice storm, that second girl and I escaped in my Buick LeSabre. With barely a lean-in she was in my face, willing, wet and unabashed. Lip gloss and perfume lingered, but also her natural scent. Her smell turned me off. Eventually.



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