Senna – My Review



An exceptional documentary about an exceptional person, Ayrton Senna was the stuff of legend.

I usually balk at sports stories, but they can surprise. Clearly Ron Howard was so inspired by Senna that he went out and filmed Rush, another intense film about Grand Prix drivers. These guys push the envelope, and split seconds determine the difference between victory and death.


But there was more to Senna than self-aggrandizement and personal triumph. A Brazilian, his international victories rallied an entire nation. His own responsibility to his people and to his country resonated. His philanthropy set him apart from most others.

The film delves into the rivalries, the technological issues and the politics of the Formula One circuit. We see just what went wrong, and can truly appreciate the skill and the fearlessness that Senna brought, well beyond anyone else on that track. He was possibly the best driver of all time.

It’s a powerful story.


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One thought on “Senna – My Review

  1. Agreed — it’s a remarkable documentary. And for another look at Senna, take a look at the YouTube video of him driving basically one-handed in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. It really is something to see…

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