Totally Underrated



So now for a few of my plugs. For what is the Internet but a limitless collection of likes and dislikes?

1. Bob Roberts

Before Donald Trump turned his gaze to the oval office Tim Robbins exposed one path he might take to get there. Bob Roberts should be what people turn to watch instead of that fake pseudo-political, corporate, neutered blather from Aaron Sorkin [vomit emoticon].

2. Vienna Tang

Oh my God — she was going back to school to change careers out of music? If Vienna Tang can’t make it in the music industry, when bleached bimbos rule through naked selfies, then our civilization is on the cusp of a major collapse.


3. Porcupine Tree

This was the best band of the millennium so far.


4. Europa Report

I keep seeing these bullshit sci-fi greatest movie lists, and Europa Report isn’t on them. Philistines.


5. Sirens of Titan

Where is this film? Could be a miniseries actually. Such a trip, multiple POV, the story traverses the solar system. All the diarrhea Hollywood flushes over us, and yet Vonnegut’s greatest science fiction epic can’t get a fair hearing?



6. The Green Party

Corporate America tells you there are only two. And they’re both such scum tanks that you’d best ignore and let their crime sprees continue unabated. They don’t want you to have alternatives, because alternatives are not in their interests.

But if every asshole who complains about the obvious corrutpion of the corporatocracy went out and gave a plug for the Green Party, then it would actually become a viable alternative. Americans live in plastic cages of their own construction.

We could have peace and prosperity today, but apparently that isn’t worth exerting some freedom of thought over.



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