Don’t Want it to End

Alison Goldfrapp’s A&E comes on occasionally, at decent quality, and I just turn up my system so loud. I love her. Several of her songs are so unique, penetrating and emotionally resonant that they seem much too short. I just don’t want them to ever end. But they do, and so the next time they appear I’m in that same craving mindset as in the previous instance.

That’s magic of the artistic variety. Leave ’em wanting more. I can’t find an English word to neatly sum up that idea.

Poe (Ann Denielewski) has several tracks like that, notably her earlier stuff with Conjure One.

I suppose every song aspires to be repeatedly played. But my focus is on the mechanics of it all: how to get people to want to press play again?


Some films feel the same way. The Good The Bad & the Ugly is too immersive and brilliant to ever turn off. Despite running about 3 hours that world only exists right there. It cannot be repeated, and only a fool would try.

It’s the experience, that collection of disparate elements that come together in a unique pattern. Once crafted the viewer, humbled and hooked, must return for another hit of the narcotic artwork.

Of course books bring the same sort of quality, and when they end there is an effect, an incomplete feeling for which our language seems to have produced no word. Odd. The closest I could find is this, but it’s not really what I was seeking:

Duende (Spanish): The mysterious power that a work of art has to deeply move a person.

My philosophy of filmmaking touches on that first idea . I stress the efficiency of delivering story information to the viewer. This economy of presentation is common to the arts, I think. It’s crucial in works that exist in time, such as music and motion pictures. Try not to waste the people’s time, as they don’t have much to spare on you. If you can accomplish this level of efficiency you may tip the balance in your favor and leave them wanting to return to the beginning and experience it all again.


That, to me, is the style goal, the purpose of a chosen form. The form helps to convey the information and open minds to the possibility of receiving it. A person actively watching, reading or listening is open to new ideas and arguments.



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