Batman v. Superman – My Review



Only the name Zack Snyder got me into that seat. Snyder directed my favorite zombie film of all time, Dawn of the Dead 2004. Also, he put together the incredible Watchmen film that I think stands as one of the top comic book movies to ever be produced.


When Sucker Punch came around I was so annoyed by the trailer that I avoided it completely. Some Internet geek by the name of Adam Quigley makes a case that there is more there than meets the eye. Maybe some day I’ll find the wherewithal to press play.

I hate Batman. He’s an asshole, always has been. He’s a thinly veiled right-wing vigilante of the white male 1%, as if the plutocrats are under siege by the lower classes, completely reversed propaganda.


I do like Superman though. Not enough to see the recent screen versions, but this one called to me as having something from left field thrown in.

I was surprised that the film took the issues seriously and didn’t succumb to the usual juvenile gibberish. Snyder is a visual master at this point, and he created a spellbinding world that worked, given the context. They do go big at the end.


What’s more, the film directly gave me a renewed sense of hope for my DEMIGODS project. That probably colored my view subconsciously. I may have to slide that one back into pole position. Demigods has more than a few similarities to the B.v.S. and Watchmen worlds. I’m particularly on the optimistic side that a comic book film doesn’t have to be infantile these days. The mindless, nationalistic brainwashing of children is becoming an anachronism; let’s hope.



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