‘Cell’ Film “Unimpressive?”



Does this help or hurt TRANSFIXION’s prospects???

“The [Cell] story packs absolutely no punch and the solid stable of actors look bored for most of he film.”

Cell’ Review Roundup: Critics Agree That The Stephen King Adaptation Is Unimpressive


“The actors look bored and the film doesn’t pack a punch, according to critics.”


After my own novel was written I heard about this one, and somebody said that it was similar to mine. I don’t think so, but then again I haven’t read it. Another weird indie film that did no box office at all was also said to be similar, but was completely different in its plot. I guess every film that ever dealt with hypnosis and/or television could be pointed out to have some facile similarity. Facile.

So what?

A story is the journey of a character, and Kaylee Colton has a hell of a powerful journey. King went with middle-aged men, something we’ve seen so often it’s bound to seem rote and uninspired. To me that was a non-starter. I’m frankly sick of middle-aged men on screen, and I probably won’t even bother to watch the movie.

But I’m following this development, as it has a connection to my own work, whether I want it to or not.

After viewing the trailer the most obvious thing to say is: why the hell are they hissing and growling like zombies? What purpose does that serve? Why would they behave like that? It’s … corny … unrealistic … dumb?


I think the most direct path to contrast (and combating this) is Kieran Kelly’s quite awe-inspiring review of Transfixion.


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