Eddie the Eagle – My Review



The feel-good comedy I’ve been needing. I do love British comedies. I’m half British and half Italian. Figure that one out in a genetics lab–I don’t think so.

Anyway, Eddie the Eagle was a real guy, and his story was overshadowed by those wacky Jamaican Bobsledders. They were at the same winter Olympics and grabbed all the fun quirky international headlines.




Eddie had a dream, and he had to overcome handicaps, social stratification, family pressure and the basic desire to remain alive in order to compete in one of the most dangerous sports around. He was a bit of an opportunist, seizing on the lack of competitors in order to weasel his way into the Olympics. But he had heart, and that’s what the movies do best. Bring enough heart, and the rest of the film writes itself.




I’d say get the movie. It’s uplifting. The actors kept it just serious enough to work. The recreation of the events was done so well that I could feel my stomach plummet. I was literally cheering for Eddie in my living room.



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